Let me let you in on a little secret. I HATE SHOPPING!

Every time I had a big event, I would rush into a store and grab everything that “looked good” (without even trying it on)… only to end up a massive list of stuff to return. Sound familiar?

I was so angry about wasting so much time (and money because I often didn’t read the return policy correctly). “C’mon Michelle, there just has to be a better way to do this!”

After talking to so many of my girlfriends that experienced the same thing, this frustration inspired me to help other women – like you – with this problem.

I knew there was a better way to help you overcome the 3 most common beauty & style problems:

  • Things that look good on mannequins and websites… but that just don’t fit right for your unique body style. For example, I recently was online shopping at a famous luxury lifestyle brand (you’d know the name) and ordered blazers for my boyfriend and I … only to find out they were frumpy and didn’t fit upon delivery. Ugh, now we had to go through the hassle of sending them back.
  • Choosing colors that don’t enhance your skin tone or display the natural beauty glow that we all have. (Fortunately, this is an easy fix.)
  • Being able to put it all together and choose the right shoes with the latest fashions (most women are “pretty good” at putting together tops and bottoms, but “blow it” when it comes to footwear – which research shows is one of the first places that men and women look – and judge you on your fashion sense!)

Now don’t worry… We’ve all made these mistakes. For a long time I was reactive in my outfit choices, and that crushed my confidence in social settings and even at work.


That’s why I spent the last 15 years doing a deep dive into the world of fashion and beauty… I’ve spent enough money on failed outfits, “cakey” make-up, and overpriced shoes (all in the name of research!) to pay for a small house (in Vancouver, where I live).

And after doing all this dirty work and helping dozens of busy women do a successful 72-hour speed beauty and wardrobe makeover, I’ve chosen to share my style secrets with the world.

When we meet online or go shopping in person, you’ll discover the cute and sexy outfits that actually work with your skin tone and body type, hair styles that suit your face shape and shoes that turn a mediocre outfit into style magic.

I am obsessed with making you feel and (look) your best with style so that you can step into the most powerful version of yourself!



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