A Custom Done-For-You Wardrobe to Help You Dress Right For Your Body Type So You Feel Confident and Powerful – Even If You Never Know What to Wear


A Custom Done-For-You Wardrobe to Help You Dress Right For Your Body Type So You Feel Confident and Powerful – Even If You Never Know What to Wear


Think back to the last time you stood in front of your closet for what felt like an hour.

“Ugh, I have so many clothes but NOTHING that fits right or makes me feel sexy or confident.”

If only you had a personal stylist like the Hollywood stars …

... or better, a Style Genie that could tell you what to wear at the snap of your fingers.

You'd finally have someone to give you a brutally honest YAY or NAY opinion on your outfit for the day.

But right now you feel frustrated…

Because you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on One-and-Done items that you just don’t know how to wear anymore now that you are doing Zoom meetings and and finally going back out to meet friends.

And you’re terrified of shopping online because nothing you order ever fits properly, and you spend more time shipping back the return than you did going to stores “in the good old days” of in-person shopping.

Besides, you have plenty of cute clothes... you just need to figure out how to wear and pair them together.

“All I want to do is look hot, sophisticated, and elegant while feeling comfy and confident. Is that too much to ask?”

It isn’t.

You shouldn’t have to waste time and energy second-guessing every dressing decision.

With a Style Genie (aka your STYLE BFF), it’s like having your own celebrity stylist without the Hollywood prices.

Someone who would save you so much time and energy, while ending your fashion frustrations forever.

You'd finally be able to turn heads at every dinner, on every dance floor (when we can go there again), and in every meeting (even if it’s just on Zoom for now).

Your STYLE BFF would show you how to feel sexy, strong, poised, and powerful in every outfit, everywhere, from your important presentations to your weekly date nights...

And show you how to dress confidently and comfortably for work meetings – so that you look great AND feel great at the same time…

But also has the guts to tell you with brutal honesty (and love) “No, just don’t” when you thought about getting that lime-green jello blazer”...

Don’t worry your STYLE BFF Michelle has got you covered!

This is exactly why I created Your Style Babe Blueprint that takes you from stuck, struggling and standing clueless in your closet to calm, confident, and powerful when picking your pieces for the day.

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The one person who will lovingly yet ruthlessly tell you what to wear and what NOT to wear so that you never have to worry about picking an outfit again.

Hi, I’m Michelle, your STYLE BFF, the one person who will lovingly yet ruthlessly tell you what to wear and what NOT to wear so that you never have to worry about picking an outfit again.

I began my style obsession in my teenage years to overcome my insecurities. Fashion was a way to build my confidence and get me through some tough times.

Since then I’ve spent over 15 years in the industry, and I’ve gone to every shop, bought every top, tried on every fad, so that I know what’s good and bad and so that you don’t have to invest tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours making mistakes – because I’ve already done that hard work for you.

Today I’m your Style Genie, the one who knows with 100% confidence what pieces you should pick for the boardroom or the bedroom and everything in between.

I’m so excited to meet you!

And here’s how you can get my help to create…


The ultimate wardrobe of powerful, confident clothes that make you look and feel your best

Don’t worry… this won’t take much time or energy.

There are just three easy steps to make this happen.

And you can do all of them in the comfort of your own home.

Phase 1 – Closet Audit & Personal Style Board Build-out

Together we’ll go through your closet and use my trademarked Michelle Style Closet Audit approach to separate the winners from the losers.

And then we’ll build your personal fashion inspiration board that will show exactly what to wear for your body type.


All you have to do is set aside a block of time and answer a few key questions in my at-home fashion inspection.

No dressing rooms, shop clerks, or trips to the mall required!

Phase 2 – 60-Minute Style BFF Hangout on How to Dress Right For Your Body Type


Next we’ll jump on a hangout and go through your personal style goals, favorite outfits and colors, and a walkthrough of what works for your body type all while answering every question, hesitation, or trepidation that you have.

You’ll leave with the insider secrets for finding the best outfits for your body type and how to accentuate your best features – all while showing you exactly how to make the most of the clothes in your current closet.

I’ll download nearly 20 years of fashion fixes into your life so that you look “BOMB” every time put something on.

Phase 3 – Your Personal Style Blueprint Delivery PLUS One Bonus Month of Fashion Follow-Up

But wait, that’s not all.

You’ll finish the program knowing EXACTLY what to wear every single day, and if you ever get stuck on an item or stumped on an outfit, you’ll have instant access to your Style Genie (aka your STYLE BFF, that’s me!) on command.

Just seek me out and you shall find the fashion fix to any dressing dilemma.


So just to recap, here’s everything you’ll get…

  • The Closet Audit and Personal Style Board Build-Out
  • Your Exclusive 60-Minute Style BFF Hangout with Me
  • Your Own Customized Style Blueprint
  • A Video Walkthrough Showing Exactly How to Dress Right for Your Body Type
  • One Month of Style BFF Fashion Follow-Up

Click The “Yes, Michelle! I Want Your Style Babe Blueprint!” Button to Receive Your Special Discount


And here’s the cool thing…

There’s never been a better time to take fast action on this opportunity.

Since we’re stuck at home and have time to clean out the closet, do some special online shopping (with my detailed instructions), and a chance to test out our outfits in the comfort of our own home, this is the perfect time to do a wardrobe makeover.

You need to get moving today.

Now if you’re still not sure if you need this, I just have one last thing to say to you with NO filters (which is exactly what you wanted from your style genie, remember?).

Girlfriend, here’s the situation.

Right now, you have a problem. A big problem.


Your closet is cluttered. Your clothing confidence has been crushed. Your fashion fear and frustrations are at an all-time high.

Buying another item from Amazon, Zara, LuluLemon, H&M, or even Nordstrom’s isn’t the solution. In fact, it only makes things worse.

And that’s okay.


No one has ever been straight up honest with you … and as a result you’re confused and you have too many things, too many of the wrong things, and not enough info on how to pair the right things.

That all ends today.

You see, as big as your problem is, your motivation to fix this problem is greater.

You know that you need a Style Genie to sort you out… to show you what to wear… and more importantly to show you what not to wear so you stop feeling frustrated and start feeling confident when you go to your closet each morning.

But … if you wait till tomorrow and try to use Retail Therapy (aka online shopping) as a band-aid for this bleeding neck wound, your motivation to change will be dead and you’ll be another style casualty of this COVID crisis who has given up on looking sexy and feeling confident.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s the good news.

You’re just one click away from getting a custom plan on what to wear for…

  • When you’re out on the town so you can look chic and sexy
  • When you’re at work so you can inspire confidence and instill power
  • When you’re at home so you can feel good about yourself while feeling comfy
  • And when you’re out on dates so that you can keep the spark alive and fires burning

Here’s what you need to do next...

Step 1

Click the link below and summon your Style Genie! (aka me, your STYLE BFF)

Step 2

Fill out all the information on the next page so that we can immediately send you out the Closet Audit and a few cool fast start bonuses

Step 3

Send back the audit as fast as you can (while still doing it as thoroughly as possible) so that we can fix your fashion and clean up your closet


Hold Up! … Your Style BFF Has Even MORE to Give You

Now, as your Style Genie, I’ve always got your back, and so we can’t stop (won’t stop!) there.

BFF Bonus #1 – A Personal Instagram Style Audit

I’ve spent over 15 years helping women look amazing at work, home, and play, and now I want to help your online presence too.


We’ll dive deep into your Instagram account and you’ll get a video review showing you:

  • How to Fix the 3 Common Mistakes in Your IG Bio
  • The One Simple Trick to Make Your Photos Stand Out
  • The 5 Post Styles We Must Delete
  • And How to Increase Engagement on Every Picture

This complete course and custom social media audit regularly retails for $397 but you’re getting it for free as my Style BFF.

BFF Bonus #2 – The Ultimate Guide to Picking Perfect Pieces in the Future

Let’s face it, I can’t go shopping with you every day… (although I would if I could have my way!).

That means that one day you’ll be heading to the mall to shop for the Christmas party season, a Caribbean vacation, your first date with a new man, or the biggest work presentation of your life… and you’ll need the confidence to shop without me.


The Ultimate Guide to Picking Perfect Pieces is an instant expert tutorial where I download my nearly 20 years of shopping my way through America, Europe, and Asia to give you all the insider tips and tricks you need to never go wrong with a picking an outfit again.

You’ll discover how to purchase lux for less, buy timeless basics for just a few bucks, and get multiple uses from simple style pieces.

So listen…

You are definitely in the right place if you want to stop second guessing what looks good and know with confidence that you’re picking the right pieces every morning – and for every night out.

You’ve never been in better hands if you want to maximize your wardrobe and make the most from the least.

So if you’re ready to step into a more powerful version of your best self and ready to save time each day getting ready for work and play, you’re going to love the Style Babe Blueprint.

Get ready to…

  • Feel as confident as you did when you were 10 years younger and out with your friends and the center of attention again…
  • Be full of energy and knowing you’ve picked another perfect power outfit for the big presentation at work today…
  • Turning heads and breaking necks when you walk down the street, through the hall, and even at the mall because you’ve finally been able to match your body with the best
  • Be prepared with an amazing outfit for any special occasion, work event, night out, day out, brunch out, hang out, or chill out …
  • Never need to run to the store for that last-minute pick-up that adds stress on a big night out
  • Wear the right clothes for your perfect and naturally unique shape with the right colors chosen to accentuate your favorite body parts and announce to the world: I am here!
  • And finally, to LOVE yourself deeply, fully, and completely – not because of what label you are wearing – but because of the woman your clothes allow you to be

You, my girl, will finally have everything you need to succeed with your style, confidence, poise and power.

happy clients!

I came to Michelle because I have a lot of clothes, colours and patterns but I was never sure how to match it all together. Michelle showed me how to choose the perfect and gave me the confidence to choose sexy outfits – without buying a whole new wardrobe! She showed me that I only needed 5 new basic items in my collection … and now I have over 35 new outfits! Michelle is aaaaaamazzzzzing and I’m so excited for the style confidence I’ll have for the rest of my life

- Shirley Finn Chu

“Before Michelle I was shopping all the time and breaking the bank. But I always felt like I still didn’t have anything to wear. There were unmatched workout clothes all over my closet floor, and I never felt like I had any clothes for when it came to daytime casual outfits. I was just ready to pack it in and start wearing mom jeans and a Snuggie! But after working with Michelle, my closet is so cute, my sexy style is soooo simple and I have learned so much about fashion that I can easily put together killer outfits that look like they are from Rodeo Drive (for less than $200). I highly recommend Michelle to any woman who needs a little refresh or wants to build a timeless collection in their closet.”

Melissa Docherty

“I sent out a Style SOS to Michelle because I needed her help. You see, I’m a busy professional mom with four kids, and I also hate shopping and putting outfits together. But wearing sweats to work is not an option. For my career I need certain outfits that look a certain way but had no idea how to do this on a budget. I needed HELP! Fortunately, I knew Michell. She is an amazing listener and asks all the right questions. In just a few minutes she carefully went through all of my clothes and understood the reasons why I wore them. She even guessed, “I bet you wear this on this day because you feel a certain way!” It’s like she was reading my mind! It’s amazing how clothes communicate your overall mood and vibe – and how Michelle could sense that and fix that! I would recommend Michelle to every woman who wants a confidence boost from the clothes she wears! She will keep it 100% real with you and offer an endless number of simple solutions to previously unfixable fashion struggles. Michelle, you’re the best!” 

- Brianne Kavanagh


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Got questions? Well baby your BFF has answers!

You’re probably thinking…


Click The “Yes, Michelle! I Want Your Style Babe Blueprint!” Button to Receive Your Special Discount