How to Dress Right for Your Body Type...

So You Feel Confident and Look Fabulous in Summer 2020 Without Spending Big Bucks on the Wrong Outfits

Dear Summer of 2020,

It wasn’t supposed to be like this...

Maybe you had three weddings... and were even the Maid-of-Honor in one!

Or you had a girl’s trip to Vegas... full of shows and pool parties and dancing...



Let’s face it...

COVID just changed all of our plans.


It hasn’t changed your desire to look beautiful, confident, and powerful.


It hasn’t changed the fact that your body is a specific “shape”...

... And that both science and forever fashion (timeless trends) have proven that certain outfits look better (or worse!) on specific body types.

That’s right

Your body shape – NOT the price of your outfit – is what really determines how you look – and feel!

This is something you’ve probably never ever thought about!

But not dressing right for your body type is – without a doubt! – the #1 fashion mistake women are making.

This can mean the difference between making an amazing first impression ... or having an outfit fall flat... or worse, have you standing out for all the wrong reasons.

Fortunately, this mistake is entirely avoidable.

For example,

Did you know about the following “Body Shape Mistakes”...

That if you’re a Triangle shape that you should NEVER wear a specific type of patterned pant?

Or that if you’re a Rectangle there is one size of shirt that you must NEVER wear?

Or that if you’re a Diamond that one simple change to your top can make others forget about your flaws?

Listen, there are dozens of other “NEVER do’s” for Hourglass and Inverted Triangle shapes too!

Now this might sound confusing... but trust me, dressing right for your body type is simple once you understand the basic rules for your shape.

Hi, I’m Michelle... aka your Style BFF!

And I’m here to save you dozens of hours and prevent you from spending hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars on Fashion Faux Pas...

You see... I’ve been EVERY body shape at one point in my life...

And so I know what you’re going through.

I began my style obsession in my teenage years to overcome my insecurities. Fashion was a way to build my confidence and get me through some tough times.

Since then I’ve spent over 15 years in the industry, and I’ve gone to every shop, bought every top, tried on every fad, so that I know what’s good and bad...

...And so that you don’t have to invest tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours making mistakes – because I’ve already done that hard work for you.

Today I’m your Style BFF, the one who knows with 100% confidence what pieces you should pick for the boardroom or the bedroom and everything in between.

I’m so excited to meet you!

And here’s how you can get my help to create…


Now I know what you’re thinking...

“What the heck is my body type, Michelle?!?”


As a result you’ve probably spent years dressing according to someone else’s idea of what looks good

And you’ve never felt fully comfortable...

Some looks are too baggy... making you look out of place like a teenager at a business conference...

Other looks are too tight... cutting off your circulation at the restaurant in hour one ... of a six-hour night out!

Or making you feel like a floozy in the latest styles that just weren’t right for your type.


Don’t worry. I’m here to fix that.

It’s time to stop letting your wardrobe hold you back from being the beautiful, bold, confident, and powerful woman you were meant to be.

Because if you have ever wanted to control everyone’s attention... to ‘trick’ people into seeing past your natural flaws...

You’ll finally be able to do that with what I call

Michelle’s Ultimate Style Magic Secret...

It’s like having a remote control that puts people’s attention on your best parts only so that you look bold and beautiful at all times.

Inside this style guide you’ll get…

  • 5 killer outfits that will make you look like you stepped off the pages of Vogue magazine ... so that you’ll never feel self-conscious about your style again.
  • EXACTLY what to wear on that first date, for that power lunch, or the most important presentation of your career – giving you total control in the biggest moments of your life.
  • Head turning confidence and jaw dropping style that will make you look perfectly put together – even if you only have five minutes to get ready.
  • The ABC Style Morning Routine that guarantees you’ll walk out of your bedroom and into the work world (whether in person or virtually) with strength, confidence, poise and just the right amount of sass for your personality.
  • The perfect summer outfit for everything from Zoom weddings to Instagram photo shoots to patio dinners and picnics in the park.
  • Freedom from self-judgement and buyer’s remorse because you’ll never, EVER pick the wrong outfit again – no matter if you’re shopping online or in-store – allowing you to have more money for quality clothes and never feeling ‘ripped off’ because of a fast fashion fad again.

Who is this for?

Any woman who wants to know how to pick the perfect pieces for their body type so they highlight their best traits AND to dress right to flatter their body type!

Who is this not for?

Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, and ... uh, that’s about it. Coco Chanel too, if she was still with us. You get what I mean.

So if you’re a powerful woman that wants to take the guesswork out of personal summer style, you’ll find exactly what you need in this game changer guide.


happy clients!

I came to Michelle because I have a lot of clothes, colours and patterns but I was never sure how to match it all together. Michelle showed me how to choose the perfect and gave me the confidence to choose sexy outfits – without buying a whole new wardrobe! She showed me that I only needed 5 new basic items in my collection … and now I have over 35 new outfits! Michelle is aaaaaamazzzzzing and I’m so excited for the style confidence I’ll have for the rest of my life.

- Shirley Finn Chu

Before Michelle I was shopping all the time and breaking the bank. But I always felt like I still didn’t have anything to wear. There were unmatched workout clothes all over my closet floor, and I never felt like I had any clothes for when it came to daytime casual outfits. I was just ready to pack it in and start wearing mom jeans and a Snuggie! But after working with Michelle, my closet is so cute, my sexy style is soooo simple and I have learned so much about fashion that I can easily put together killer outfits that look like they are from Rodeo Drive (for less than $200). I highly recommend Michelle to any woman who needs a little refresh or wants to build a timeless collection in their closet.

- Melissa Docherty

I sent out a Style SOS to Michelle because I needed her help. You see, I’m a busy professional mom with four kids, and I also hate shopping and putting outfits together. But wearing sweats to work is not an option. For my career I need certain outfits that look a certain way but had no idea how to do this on a budget. I needed HELP! Fortunately, I knew Michell. She is an amazing listener and asks all the right questions. In just a few minutes she carefully went through all of my clothes and understood the reasons why I wore them. She even guessed, “I bet you wear this on this day because you feel a certain way!” It’s like she was reading my mind! It’s amazing how clothes communicate your overall mood and vibe – and how Michelle could sense that and fix that! I would recommend Michelle to every woman who wants a confidence boost from the clothes she wears! She will keep it 100% real with you and offer an endless number of simple solutions to previously unfixable fashion struggles. Michelle, you’re the best!

- Brianne Kavanagh

Your Next Step

Click the link below to discover EXACTLY what to wear so you finally dress right for your body type while elevating your style and confidence.


But please hurry...

Summer’s almost over and none of my future style guides will ever be priced this low again.

The MICHELLE Style Guarantee

I am so confident this style guide will change your life and set you free from fashion faux pas this summer that if for any reason within the next 60 days you are unhappy with your style guide outfits then please send an email to and our team will give you a full refund. There’s no risk to you... just the guarantee of your best outfits ever.